16 June 2011

Contact lenses

I have mentioned in the past that I use contact lenses to oscure my vision in order to help relieve the symptoms of BIID. Some people have been asking where I get these from and how much they cost, so I thought I would write a quick post about it.

I use a variety of sources for my contact lenses, depending on who is cheaper at the time. "No Vision" lenses, as they are routinely advertised, come in a variety of styles and price points but all are more expensive than standard contacts, so if you go down this route you'll have to be prepared to fork out a bit of cash.

The ones I have been most impressed with lately are "Blind Halloween Contacts" by LensWay, a UK-based seller of contact lenses for theatre and photography. They don't look 100% realistic but they are about a third of the price of most other places and they work.

I would write a little bit here about how you've got to be careful when using contact lenses to not leave them in for too long (like overnight or forever) because they can end up damaging the eyes and leading to blindness but at the end of the day, for anyone in our position, that isn't going to be a concern.

Have fun!


MrLuddo said...

You seem to be the only other person I can find looking to use co tact lenses to obscure vision. I have a rather rare condition in which I want to use contact lenses to obscure my vision for aesthetic purposes. I was wondering if you know of any where I can get such a lenses that would still look normal but obscure my vision. This is only for one of my eyes and iv had no Luke in finding anything
Regards Callum, if you know please email me at c_price@me.com

Camilla said...


My name’s Camilla and I work at a documentary company called Mentorn. I’m conducting initial research into a film for Channel 4 on Body Identity Integrity Disorder. I really enjoyed reading your post and I would be very interested to speak to you in confidence about your experiences and your hopes for the future.

Mentorn is a multi award winning television production company that produces high-end documentaries for all major UK and US broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and National Geographic. We are extremely experienced in working with individuals in highly sensitive circumstances, our content is always driven by our integrity and is built through truly collaborative documentary partnerships. We intend to avoid it be a sensationalist documentary and we intend to focus on the neurological aspects of BIID as well as the ethical arguments that tie in with the topic. At this initial stage we are looking to talk with as many of those with BIID as possible to build up a full and honest sense of the condition.

We absolutely appreciate that many of those with BIID value their anonymity. At this stage therefore we are not looking for people to appear on camera, only to talk with us about their lives and experiences. Any initial conversation will be in the strictest confidence, and there will be no obligation at all to appear on film.

If you would like to know more about our project or are happy to help us, please email me on CArnold@mentorn.tv or call me on 02072586717.

Thanks so much for reading, and I do hope to hear from you soon.