24 March 2011

Keeping busy

So it has been almost a year since I wrote anything on here. I don't like to put a lot of personal information on here because I don't want crazy weirdos tracking me down in real life. I'm sure you can all understand that,? I hope so anyway. Nevertheless, I have moved across the country for work and it is going very nicely.

The area I am in now has a higher proportion of people with disabilities, which I suppose is due to the higher number of people in general. WhereI am from originally is quite sparsely populated in comparison with the denser urban centres of the country so it's nice to have more people around.

It also means that where I am now has better facilities for disabled people, like crossing meters that actually bleep, and pavements that are not made of medieval era stonework. This is good. It makes things easier when I can't ignore my condition any more and need to - oh, what's the word? I want to say 'act out' or 'live in role' but neither seem appropriate.

Not that I am having to do that as much as I used to, however. I think for the most part I've got the condition under control. I work hard, I keep myself involved with other projects and I generally just get by. It's not a perfect solution but until one comes along, maybe it's the best I can get ou of this?

I'll keep you posted if that changes, of course.