29 July 2007

Problems with my significant other

As some of you may already know, I have a girlfriend who really doesn't want me to become blind. She sees it as a form of self-harm; believing that I really can't want this and that I'd regret it if I went through with it.

She does seem to be open to the idea of me using no-vision contact lenses, which allow me to achieve as close to the state I need to be in as I'm likely to ever get. I think I can live with this, for the time being at least.

Now it's just a question of finding somewhere that makes them to a decent quality for a reasonable price. All I've found so far is somewhere that sells them for £75 per pair, plus postage. This is, I think anyone would agree, very steep.


Sean said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your partner. They don't seem to get it, most of the time. Of course, we can't expect them to understand, but then, perhaps if your girlfriend has an understanding of TG issues, she would get it a bit more. Who knows?

Blind contacts are not cheap. The lower priced ones tend to not look very realistic (hence can't go sunglass less in public if that's your thing). The higher priced ones are... dear! You may want to look at purchasing from the US, you may be able to find for much cheaper. Get them sent to a mate in the US, who can then ship to you in the UK.

Kyla said...

I ran the comment before this through google's Portugese-English translator, and it seems to be a spam-advert to sell t-shirts. Feel free to delete this comment as well when you see it.

April said...

Thanks, Kyla. The comment in question has been deleted.